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Guide Pillars

Inside Steinel's range of products we can find an extensive range of guide pillars.

Made of steel 1.1221 (CK60) with hardness 62-64 HRC. Their diameter is standard ISO h3.

These are some of our Pillars:

Precision ground for press fitting

These are suitable for all guide bushes and ball guides.

Precision ground for press fitting

Precision ground for press fitting with internal thread

Similar to the previous pillars but they have an internal thread above or below or even on both sides.

Pillars with middle mount shoulder

Improve the side load capacity of tools using guide plate. They can withstand loads 8 times greater

middle mount shoulder

Pillars with shoulder

Enable an easy and quick assembly and disassembly of the pillars, as in for example the case where you wish to sharpen cutting tools with a surface grinder.

columnas con brida

Pillars with shoulder and internal thread

Same as previous but with the posibility of having an internal thread on the press-in side, the guide side or on both.

Quick change guide pillars with disc and screw

These enable a quick exchange of pillars. The working time of the tool make is drastically reduced by the use of quick-change guide pillars.

Quick change guide pillar

Pillars with head, with or without oil grooves

Mounting into mounting hole ISO N7 (press fit) or ISO H7 if pillars are secured against glide out.

Pillars with head, with or without oil grooves

Pillars with oil grooves

Din 9833 / ISO 9182. Material 1.7139 (16Mn Cr5) or 1.1221 (CK60) hardness 62-64 HRC.

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