Coiled Heaters Elements

Coil heaters are heaters with a small diameter, but with a great heating power. They are particularly suitable for use in hot runner systems and many other thermal processes, wherever high electrical heating performance is required in narrow spaces.


Coiled Heaters Elements

The heater can be mould or bent according to the customer's wishes in nearly every geometrical form, therefore they offer a great adaptation on solid surfaces which require to be heated. Besides a wide standard range, we also offer special designs according to customer's requirements.

We have 3 different variety of rods in the coiled heating elements. 
Each of them offer a easier adaptation on different surfaces, fulfilling the clients� needs: round section rod ( ○ ), rectangular section rod (   ), and squared section rod ( □ ).


High Duty Cartridge Heaters

Our high duty cartridge heaters or tubular heaters offer 2 advantages over the cartridges offered in the market:

  1. Narrow Tolerance – The cartridge heater surface is straight ( +/-0,02 mm ) and uniform all along the tube. This means that at any point of the tube, the surface is measuHigh Duty Cartridge Heatersred in an equal and stable way making the tube easier to fit into the mould and offering a more uniform and adjusted heating system.
    High Duty Cartridge Heaters

  2. Quality Control – All our cartridges are made of stainless steel and weld with TIG connections with nickel cables. Our cartridge heaters surpass strict quality controls, assuring their optimum functionality.

  3. Special Design – We offer our clients the possibility to personalize the cartridge heaters according to the commodity for a significantly better usage:

    1. Special Size – We can manufacture cartridge heaters in millimetres or inches.

    2. Compensated Power – Working surfaces may have a varied heating structure. These specially manufactured cartridges compensate the power distributing it along the length of the cartridge heater.

    3. Special Finishes – Sometimes, due to working conditions, we may seek special finishing on the cartridge heaters. We have over 10 different kinds of finishing both in form and materiasl ( 90º Exit, Zamak cube, ceramic sealing, reduced tube sealing, metallic wire finish, silicon / glass wire finishing, …. )