SURISA - Suministros Riol S.A.

Suministros Riol S.A. (SURISA), we are a company dedicated to advise and to sell products within industry. Since 1.974, our policy has always been based on the sale of the highest quality specialised products.

Our range of products is composed of several foreign representations, for some of those we have exlusive rights of sale in spain. All of these products have one common denominator, quality, being our suppliers the brands with highest reputation.

Our company can be divided into four different areas of product:

  • Springs and Damping: Complete range of springs and damping units, we usually focus on disc springs Din 2093, aswell as on products to remove vibrations and other damping units.

  • Thermometers and temperature measurement: We offer a range of solutions towards temperature control based on irreversible strip indicators, liquid crystal thermometers, paints, crayons and inks. All of them temperature sensitive.

  • Guide units: A complete list of Steinel Normalien AG's products. We representate Steinel Normalien in Spain. These guide units are standarized pieces of the highest quality.

  • Coil and cartridge Heaters: Heating units for the industry. They cover all kinds of needs.

Our variety of product allows us to provide solutions for many kinds of customer, but we mainly concentrate on:

  • Wind power station supplies

  • Machinery supplies

  • Steel mills

  • Car industries

  • Stamp and transform technology

  • Plastic industry

  • Engineering

  • Food suppliers

  • Electronics

Based on a detailed technical knowledge of our products, we propose customers the best solutions to any problem. To obtain optimal results we don't only supply the product, we also give advice to select the best solution and on how to apply it. We also collaborate with our customers when it comes to implementing the solution.


TEL. +34 93 231 08 11 
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Puedes encontrarnos en: 
C/ Marina 127-131 BJS 
08013 Barcelona, ESPAÑA