Damping units remove vibrations

When it comes to damping and removing vibrations complex problems arise.

You can consult our technicians to find the most suitable solution according to your needs.

When it comes to damping and vibration prevention we recommend two types of product:
Elastic suspensions with a rubber base also known as elastomers and metallic suspensions based on metallic pillow.

Elastic Suspensions / Elastomers.

Elastic suspensions permit a good distribution of static load over the surface. This allows us to measure the ammount of load on the elastomer through a calculation based on its deflection at a given point. This allows us to correct loadings, and to know which elastomer has to be placed at every given point to prevent vibrations. This type of suspensions can handdle loads on different directions, therefore they completely neutralise noises and vibrations. We can recommend the most suitable elastomer regarding your problem.

Elastic Suspensions / Elastomers.

Metallic Suspension.

These kind of damping units use a metallic pillow to prevent vibrations. Their damping ability ranges between a 10% and 20% according to where they are applied. You have to take into account their great mechanical resistance.


Specifications remain: They guarantee their functioning even after long periods of time. Most important their unchanged height in contrast with elastomers.
Not affected by corrosion: Made of stainless steel, this springs are resistant to corrosive materials and conditions.
Not affected by temperature: Can withstand temperatures between -70ºC y +300 ºC without experienceing changes.
Low self frequency: Metallic damping units have a very low resonance frequency, approximately 3 Hz., which allows vibration reduction up to a 98% on machinery working at low velocities.

Metallic Suspension.