Gas springs nitrogen cylinders

Gas springs are cylinders which have been pre-loaded with nitrogen at a certain pressure, so that the head of the cylinder acts as a spring.

Nitrogen cylinders have a durability advantage over traditional wire springs, as they can be reloaded if a performance loss is noticed with time, and returned to initial conditions.

Steinel Gas Spring Models

SZ 8080.1

SZ 8080.1 PDF

SZ 8066.1

SZ 8066.1 PDF

SZ 7066.1

SZ 7066.1 PDF

SZ 7066.1

SZ 8065.1 PDF

SZ 8063.1

SZ 8063.1 PDF

SZ 8060.1

SZ 8060.1 PDF

SZ 8150.1

SZ 8150.1 PDF