Calendar Liquid Crystal Thermometer

Mostly used with a promotional purpose in products such as: Calendars, Mouse Pads, Didactic material...

We supply several standard products for these purposes:

TLC 13 Lvl.Horizontal Range (2) 12ºC-24ºC

TLC 7 Lvl.Vertical

TLC 8 Lvl.Vertical

TLC Room (14-34ºC)

TLC 16 Lvl.Range (2) 14ºC-31ºC

7 Lvl.(9-27ºC)
Type: Horizontal/Vertical
Size: 10x70mm

11 Lvl.(12-32ºC)
Type: Horizontal/Vertical
Size: 77x8mm


Based on Liquid crystal technology and if precise using thermally sensitive inks , we can produce many types of thermometers. An example of thermometers which use thermally sensitive ink is Tempsafe.


Promotional Products

SURISA widens up their range of well known liquid crystal thermometers with new promotional products. These include products made up of photosensitive and thermosensitive materials, which change in colour with a change in temperature or with sun light(UV). This items are produced through an advanced technology which allows us to offer our customers a range of high quality products default and customized. The properties of this series of products added to the versatile liquid crystal range products, allow that with a bit of imagination the most original promotional objects can be created. These new products have made it posible to fulfill the requirements of our most demanding customers.

We invite you to check out all our product range:

Thermometers Room thermometers, bath thermometers, fridge thermometers, freezer thermometers, finished products and self adhesive strips, which can be added to your promotional product.

Game Cards "Cook and win" (microwave), "Chill and win" (ex. cold drinks), "Heat and win" (ex. warm drinks), "Freeze and win", "Touch and win", "Press and win"...


Room thermometer

Game Cards

"Chill and win" card

Plastic items spoons (ice cream, food), straws for cold or hot drinks, rods to stir hot or cold drinks...

Infants range standard product range which includes basically thermometers and plastic items. 

Plastic items

Thermally sensitive rods

Infants range

Several Types of bath thermometers

 UV safe is a card which contains a UV sensor. This sensor changes its colours due to the sun light.

COOK-IT STICK cooking detection device which determines when food in an oven or a barbacue is ready. 

UV safe

UV safe


Cook-It Stick (before and after)

Minimum quantities: most of our products are available from 250 units, with a single colour logo included in their price.

Supply: between 5 and 7 weeks depending on the requirements.entre 5 y 7 semanas.



Thermally sensitive inks allow us to design original and good looking promotional products. These can be calibrated for diferent temperatures and their standard behaviour is: When calibration temperature is reached the ink disappears. When the rise in temperature ceases, the ink appears again. Other behaviours can be produced (Ask us). Their specification makes them usefull as a safety device, on money paper or as a workplace safety device. Thermally sensitive pigments which are used as the base to produce our inks, can also be supplied in different formats such as powder or pellets, for their usage in plastics such as polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP). Intrested in another plastic? Ask us.

There is the possibility to create thermally sensitive products, such as: Spoons or other plastic products with polypropylene, which change colour when cold or hot, temperature warning products (bath thermometers, thermometers for drinks, workplace safety...)

Visit our links TEMPSAFE (workplace safety device) and Promotional Products you will see examples of all the previously mentioned.

The accomplishment of previous tests of impression is always recommended. For this, you must indicate what surface you would be printing on, the temperature required for the color change and the method of printing: we have inks for silk screen printing, offset printing and flexography also known as surface printing. While asking for sample, please take into consideration the colours and standard temperatures available. Ask for availability.

TEMPSAFE Temperature control alert

Tempsafe is a high temperature indicator produced for its use as a security device. Easy to use, with a high precision and low price. Tempsafe alerts clearly when there is a high temperature present on a given device - Because of its visible colours. It tells the user about a high temperature by: 1) sign of "do not touch", 2) temperature exceded 70ºC. When the temperature is lower than 70ºC the sticker is completely black.

Tipo de suministro: paquetes de 10 unidades
Plazo de entrega: 4 semanas

Cold pipe
Hot pipe at 70ºC or more

Cold pipe

  Hot pipe at 70ºC or more
BeforeTEMPSAFE   After


Fridge and Freezer Thermometers

Our freezer thermometers ensure that a correct temperature is kept inside a freezer. This thermometers are cheap and reliable. They are delivered in 10 unit packs.

COLDZONE™: is a thermometer which is hung inside the fridge and only shows the OK message when the fridge undergoes an adequate temperature. Its an excelent security device: economical, easily readable and precise.


Freezer Thermomether, Range adjusted to -21ºC up to -1ºC since 2005


Coldzone™, the OK message shows when the fridge undergoes a correct temperature. Company logo can be added in the semi-circle area.

Size: 67 x 40 x 6 mm