Irreversible Thermometers

Irreversible Strips are thermometers which allow to record temperatures in an unasisted way. This indicators have several regions which change colourpermanently when a certain temperature is reached.Irreversible Strips 

Our thermometers are user friendly products, and give an extremely precise temperature reading because they actually read from the surface which has to be checked. In this way we record the required temperature and not the temperature surrounding the product. Being irreversible makes them remain a certain colour when a temperature is reached, which allows the user to see what temperature was reached once the process has finished even if the temperature has changed.
Being strips allows the user to attach them to a report as quality control devices.

Produced based on quality standards BS EN ISO 9001


Types of thermometer

We have a complete range of thermometers varying in shapes and sizes. They can have from 1 to 10 spots of different temperatures per thermometer. Each design has several temperature ranges.



They cover from 29 ºC to 290 ºC, although we also have Low temperature thermometers which cover from -17 ºC to 20 ºC. Other products such as our crayons can measure temperatures up to 600 ºC.

Strips are water, oil, and vapour proof. Their are +/- 1 ºC precise up to 100 ºC and +/- 1 % precise onwards.

Standard Available Temperatures:
29 ºC 33 ºC 34 ºC 37 ºC 40 ºC 42 ºC 43 ºC
44 ºC 46 ºC 49 ºC 54 ºC 60 ºC 62 ºC 65 ºC
71 ºC 77 ºC 82 ºC 88 ºC 93 ºC 99 ºC 104 ºC
110 ºC 116 ºC 121 ºC 127 ºC 132 ºC 138 ºC 143 ºC
149 ºC 154 ºC 160 ºC 166 ºC 171 ºC 177 ºC 182 ºC
188 ºC 193 ºC 199 ºC 204 ºC 210 ºC 216 ºC 224 ºC
232 ºC 241 ºC 249 ºC 254 ºC 260 ºC 280 ºC 290 ºC

Las temperaturas de las etiquetas irreversibles, a diferencia de lo que sucede con los termómetros de cristal líquido, son fijas. Se pueden fabricar sensores "a medida", a partir de una cantidad determinada, pero, eso sí, conteniendo temperaturas de las arriba relacionadas.

Irreversible thermometers catalogue

Special strips

 Low temperature

Chillchecker Self-adhesive device, very easy to stick on any packing/surface, due to its small size. Economic and precise, they are suitable to control critical temperatures during the transport and/or product storage. 

Tempasure: Sensor that detects the temperature drop to avoid the freezing of materials. Being a sophisticated indicator which uses its own patented and exclusive mechanism, it continues being a self-adhesive device of easy use.


Micro temperature indicators: The smallest in our catalogue, ideal for using on diverse electronic components with minimum surface availability.

LIndustrial dishwashers. Sterilization & disinfectant

TDI: It guarantees, by means of a permanent colour change that the washing process has reached the correct temperature. Accepted for its use in accordance to the actual norms of Hygine and Security for which it is recommended as a valid register to include in the HACCP instructions.


Temperature monitoring in the textile industry: Initially designed to control the temperature during the process of fabric fusion its use has been extended to other applications in the textile world. It prevents overheating that would cause fragile fabric appearances, due to insufficient heating during the process of fusion, which would cause a later fragile fabric union/fusion.