Micro temperature indicators

Micro-Indicators are temperature sensitive strips with a reduced size which makes them specially useful to record increases in temperature in electronic devices such as condensers, resistances, transistors and many others, to prevent malfunctions. These thermometers are very easy to use: You just have to stick them on the device. When the critical temperature is reached the strip turns black revealing a posible malfunction. As these strips rest on the surface to be monitored they give a precise reading of the exact temperature the device undergoes. Furthermore the strips can be attached to a document as part of a quality control record if required. There are three main types of Micro Indicator which are selected depending on the kind of temperature control required:

Clock Indicator
Size: 14 mm Diameter, Type: Round, adhesive, Scale: ºC or ºF, Supply: 10 unit packs

Type 1 Clock Indicator.
Type 1 Clock Indicator.


1 40-43-46-49-54ºC
2 60-65-71-77-82ºC
3 88-93-99-104-110ºC
4 116-121-127-132-138ºC
5 143-149-154-160-166ºC
6 171-177-182-188-193ºC
7 199-204-210-216-224ºC
8 232-241-249-254-260ºC


4 Level Micro Strip
Size: 4 x 11 mm Type: Horizontal, Scale: ºC o ºF Supply: 10 unit packs

Type 1 Micro Strip

Type 1 Micro Strip


1 40-42-44-46ºC
2 49-54-60-65ºC
3 71-77-82-88ºC
4 93-99-104-110ºC
5 116-121-127-132ºC
6 138-143-149-154ºC
7 160-166-171-177ºC
8 182-188-193-199ºC
9 204-210-216-224ºC


Encapsulated Indicator
Size: 12 x 13 mm Type: Max. temperature spot Scale: ºC / ºF Supply: 50 unit packs

 Encapsulated 88ºC
Encapsulated 88ºC