Tempasure - Low temperature measuring device

 TempasureTempasure detects exposure to low temperatures, it is irreversible and very precise(+/-2ºC). Its difference with the Chillchecker, is that it changes colour when the temperature goes below the chosen critical point (check for available temperatures). Its design is based on the fact that it has to monitor low temperatures. which could damage irreversibly perishable goods such as pharmaceutical substances, food, medical equipment, photographic liquid… or any other product which could be damaged when frozen. Thanks to the indicator's solid and resistant build, a precise reading is asured at the warehouse as in its transport. Its reduced size - 54,3 mm wide x 17,5 mm high y 5,5 mm deep - and weight 4,25 g, make TEMPASURE smaller than many other products with a similar purpose



1) Let the thermometer adapt to the temperature on the desired surface. Pull the safety flap and stick the termometer on the surface.
2) If the indicator screen remains transparent, it means that the product hasn't undergone critical temperatures.
3) If the indicator screen aquites an intense red/purple color: the equipment or product has undergone critical temperatures.

Ref.Art Tª disponibles
D-10 -10ºC
D-5 -5ºC
D0 0ºC
D+2 +2ºC
D+5 +5ºC
D+10 +10ºC

They can be produced to react to other temperatures within the range: -20ºC to +40ºC. Don't doubt to ask for a specific temperature.

Kinds of supply: minimum 250 units
Production is carried out when orders are placed. Delivery time: 5 weeks