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08013 - Barcelona
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Springs and Damping

We offer a wide product range composed by helical springs, disc springs Din 2093, Belleville Fasteners Din 6796, Rubber and Polyurethane springs also known as Elastomers and Gas springs for die sets. We also cover vibration prevention with our damping units.

All our products are normalised and first quality, as they are produced by the top manufacurers in Spain and Europe.

Special design

We can offer customized solutions regarding the requirements. Sizes outside the standards can be produced and different materials can be used.


Our experience allows us to give advice on the best solution for each customer in terms of results and durability.

Disc springs DIN 2093
Belleville Fasteners DIN 6796

Disc springs DIN 2093 Belleville Fasteners DIN 6796

Helical springs
System springs

Helical springs System springs

Buffer Spring
Volute Spring

Buffer Spring Volute Spring

Elastomer rubber springs
Polyurethane springs

Elastomer rubber springs Polyurethane springs

Gas Springs
Nitrogen Cylinders

Gas Springs Nitrogen Cylinders

Damping antivibration units

Damping antivibration units

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