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Elastomers are designed to absorb forces, they absorb impact forces aswell as continous forces.

Elastomers can be used to substitute helical springs aswell as for energy absorption or damping in multiple applications.

The main contrast between these and steel springs is that the elastomers are more reliable in emergency situations because of their longer life being unattended. Elastomers have a maximum load resistance aswell as an excelent impact absorption capacity

Our elastomers have a high resistance to oil, cracking and heat. Their capacity to withstand heat is a minimum of a constant 80ºC temperature. all standard pieces are based on DIN 9835 standards.

In the following link we can see some examples of assembly with this type of spring:

Mounting examples and force - Stroke diagrams

Rubber Springs

DIN ISO 10 069

Material: Chloroprene-elastomer (CR)
Hardness 70 [+/- 3] Shore A

Admissible travel stroke Smax = 0,35 Lo
Rubber springs are qualified for large travel strokes.
Heat resistance up to +80ºC
short-time up to 120ºC

Rubber spring

The material used to manufacture the products included in this series is an elastomer called Chloroprene (CR) whose final hardness is 70 +/- 3 Shore A. Commonly called rubber spring.

In the following link we can see the standard dimensions and measurements of these elastomers:

Rubber springs SZ 8500

Polyurethane springs

DIN ISO 10 069

Material: Vulkollan
Polyurethane-elastomer (PUR)
hardness 90 +/- 5 Shore A

Admissible travel stroke Smax = 0,25 Lo
Poliurethane springs are qualified for strong spring powers.
Heat resistance up to + 80 ºC
Short-time up to + 120 ºC

Polyurethane springs

In this case, the designation of the material used is VULKOLAN. They are also part of the family of elastomers, in this case polyurethane. Its final hardness is 90 +/- 5 Shore A. They are commonly called plastic elastomers.

In the following link we can see the standard dimensions and measurements of this elastomer:

Polyurethane springs SZ 8590 



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