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In the Steinel Normalien catalog of guide elements we can find a wide range of guide pillars of all kinds. In the following links you will find the different types of columns, as well as the assembly recommendations:

Made of 1.1221 (CK60) steel tempered by induction, with a hardness of 62-64 HRC. Its guide diameter is ISO h3 rectified and lapped.

Here are some of the available pillar types:

Smooth guide pillars

Smooth pillars for pressure mounting

They are suitable for all guide bushings and ball guides. On request they can be supplied with notch for clamping ring.

Smooth pillars for pressure mounting with M8 internal thread

The same as the previous ones but they can be threaded at the top, bottom or both.

Smooth guide pillars

Pillars with middle mount shoulder

They are very useful for improving lateral resistance in tools with guide plates.

Thanks to the central fixing of the pillars on the guide plate, they support a load 8 times greater.

Pillar with middle mount shoulder

Pillars with shoulder

They allow rapid disassembly and assembly, as desired, for example, in hard grinding of cutting tools on the surface grinder.

Pillars with flange and M8 internal thread

The same as the previous ones but with the possibility of an internal thread on the socket side, on the guide side or on both.

Pillar with shoulder

Quick change guide pillars with disc and screw

These pillars with a tapered stem allow extremely quick assembly and disassembly. They are very suitable in those applications that require frequent disassembly of the pillars, for example to sharpen cutting tools in the surface grinder. The hardened and gauge-ground clamping cones ensure that the pillar is always in the same position. Concentrity accuracy 0.005. Angularity within 0.005/100mm. Cone angle according to Din 2080 16º35'45".

Quick change guide pillar

Pillars with head

Mounting in bore N7 (press fit) or ISO h7 bore when the column is secured so that it cannot slip out of the bore.

Pillars with head and oil grooves

Din 9833 / ISO 9182. Material 1.7139 (16Mn Cr5) or 1.1221 (CK60) hardness 62-64 HRC.

Pillars with head and oil grooves



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