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Din 2093, Din 6796, Disc springs for bearings, Flange washers.

Spring washers of all kinds, in different materials and coatings to withstand the effect of corrosion and temperature. We have a specific website on disc springs, where you will find all the information, a calculation program and the possibility of buying on-line.

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Disc Springs

Disc springs, also known as belleville washers, are conical washers that are defined by Din 2093 standard and that offer an elastic force proportional to the deformation to which they are subjected in the same axial direction. As they can be used stacked, they allow us to design springs tailored to our needs. They are extremely precise pieces with respect to the theoretical values. They are designed to withstand a high number of cycles and their fundamental characteristic is that great force values ​​can be obtained in small spaces.

Belleville springs Din 6796

The Din 6796 belleville washers or pressure washers, have the function of avoiding the loss of preload between a screw and a nut or in any other type of union that allows their placement, by applying permanent pressure on both. They get the subject parts to remain fixed despite vibrations or other forms of relaxation that may appear over time. Despite the fact that their appearance is very similar to plate springs, their characteristics are very different, since they are not prepared for dynamic work. Its manufacturing procedures are defined by the DIN 6796 standard.

Disc springs for bearings

Disc springs for ball bearings are designed to act as a retainer for ball bearings. Its function is to absorb the vibrations of the bearing (noise reduction), as well as to compensate the thermal expansions of the assembly during its operation without this producing a variation of the recommended axial load indicated by the manufacturer of the bearing. There are two types of washers: slotted and plain.

Flange washers

Flange washers or pressure washers are elastic washers that offer very high force values ​​with minimal displacement. Likewise, its special geometry, with little difference between the external and internal diameter, allows us to use them in confined spaces. Its main function is to maintain sufficient tension in flanged joints, in order to absorb the expansion or contraction of the joint due to variations in the pressure or temperature of the assembly. In this way we avoid that, due to these variations, the assembly loses tension and ends up loosening.



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