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self-adhesive temperature labels

Temperature labels are adhesive thermometers that change color depending on the temperature. These indicators are directly applied on the products or surfaces that we want to control, thus giving an exact measurement. There are irreversible temperature indicators, the purpose of which is to function as indicator lights, which allow monitoring whether a certain temperature has been reached or exceeded at any time. There are also reversible type labels that act as a traditional thermometer indicating the current temperature. Another type of labels available are those that measure the effect of temperature and time for cold chain control and other thermosensitive products.

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Irreversible temperature indicators

These adhesive temperature labels perform a unique irreversible color change upon reaching the set temperature. In this way, they allow us to know if at some point this temperature has been reached or not.

LCD Thermometers

This indicators are reversible type temperature labels based on liquid crystal. These adhesive thermometers change their color depending on the temperature and return to their original state when returning to the previous temperature. They work the same as a traditional thermometer but with the characteristic of not having toxic components, being flexible and they can also be adhered to curved surfaces.

Time & temperature labels

These indicators progressively change color depending on the time in which they are exposed to temperatures higher than those indicated. In this way, they allow us to control the cold chain of perishable products, since they allow us to know if they have been exposed to excessive temperatures for longer than allowed.

Crayons & inks

There are other temperature control products based on the same color change technology. Temperature crayons allow you to paint areas and detect the changes that occur. They are normally used in welding and vulcanization. Thermosensitive inks are used to print products that change color with temperature. They are used in many cases for promotional purposes.



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