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Springs and Damping for the industry

Industrial supplies

We offer a great range of springs and damping units. On our thermal department you will find thermometers and strips (THERMAX indicators) to measure temperature in industry Our range of products includes aswell sections of the Steinel Normalien's complete catalogue such as guide units and cutting units, aswell as a variety of heaters, cartridge heaters and coil heaters.



Disc springs (Din 2093) and fastener Bellevilles (Din 6796), coil springs, elastomers and gas cilinders.


Guide Units

Guide pilars, bushes, ball cages and many other Guide Units

Guide Units

Thermometers - Temperature indicators

Thermochromic Indicators and Auto-adhesive Strips, Crayons and Inks. Promotional Products.

Thermometers & Temperature indicators

Cartridge heaters - heating elements

Coil heaters infrarred heaters, thermocouples and cartridge heaters.

Cartridge heaters & heating elements