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Electric heater elements, cartridge heaters and immersion heaters

High load heating cartridges with and without thermocouple and immersion heaters. Complete catalog in millimeters and inches of electric heating elements for the industry.

Visit our website specialized in Electrical heater elements


On our website you will find a complete catalog of the different types of heaters and cartridges as well as all the necessary technical information

On our website you will find

Cartridge heaters

  • High load cartridges
  • Low load cartridges
  • With and without termocouple
  • Millimetres or inches

Immersion heaters

  • Heaters for liquids
  • Manufactured in Incoloy
  • 1½" y 1¼" screw head
  • One or more U form elements

Electrical heaters

  • Complete catalogue of product
  • Technical information
  • Special product measures
  • Distributed power heaters

Cartridge heaters

High load heating cartridges or tubular cartridges are tubular resistors designed for those applications where the available space requires small sizes while generating a large amount of heat. They may or may not have a thermocouple incorporated. Consult our catalogs in millimeters or inches.

Immersion heaters

Immersion heaters are used in industrial devices for direct heating of water or aqueous solutions such as heating boilers, hot water storage tanks, hot water generators, or continuous flow heaters. We have two types of material (Incoloy & Stainless Steel) ideal for heating oil and corrosive chemical agents.

Electrical heaters

Within the heaters models that you will find on our website, it is possible to manufacture special electrical heaters, with non-standard sizes or with power distributed in a special way. Consult our technicians.



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