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Irreversible TDI Temperature sensor labels HACCP

The TDI irreversible temperature indicator labels are designed to withstand the extreme conditions within an Industrial Dishwasher, allowing equipment cleanliness standards to be monitored during disinfection processes. The TDI asures that the selected temperature in the dishwasher has been achieved, that is indicated with a permanent change in colour. Dishwashers used for catering services usually work within 60 to 66º C, but nowadays, the minimum temperature should be 71ºC which is the reference temperature where the materials are considered to be disinfected.

This thermometer has been specifically designed to withstand the conditions undergone in the washing cycle, including the resistance to the agressive chemical substances applied. All of that without losing its capacity to monitor the temperature correctly. Hobart, known dishwasher manufacturer, collaborated when creating this device. Its final design has a size inferior to the one of a stamp. TDI's secret to succeed is the adhesive material used, which not only stands the whole washing cycle but then is easy to remove by us to attach to the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) report.


Thanks to its reliability and easy functioning, TDI guarantees higene responsibles that they are using disinfected dishes.

Ref.TDI01, After (Black) / Before (white)

Ref. Tª available
TDI05/02C 60-82ºC
TDI01/071C 65, 71, 82 y 93ºC

It can also be produced for any other temperature detection untill 99ºC.
For further information don't doubt to contact us.

Supply: Min. 1000 units
Delivery: 3-4 weeks

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