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Promotional Products

SURISA widens up their range of well known liquid crystal thermometers with new promotional products. These include products made up of photosensitive and thermosensitive materials, which change in colour with a change in temperature or with sun light(UV). This items are produced through an advanced technology which allows us to offer our customers a range of high quality products default and customized. The properties of this series of products added to the versatile liquid crystal range products, allow that with a bit of imagination the most original promotional objects can be created. These new products have made it posible to fulfill the requirements of our most demanding customers.

We invite you to check out all our product range:

Thermometers: Room thermometers, bath thermometers, fridge thermometers, freezer thermometers, finished products and self adhesive strips, which can be added to your promotional product.

room thermometer

Room Thermometer

Game Cards: "Cook and win" (microwave), "Chill and win" (ex. cold drinks), "Heat and win" (ex. warm drinks), "Freeze and win", "Touch and win", "Press and win"...

game card

"Chill and win" card

Plastic Items: spoons (ice cream, food), straws for cold or hot drinks, rods to stir hot or cold drinks...

thermosensitive rods

Thermally sensitive rods

Infants range: Infants world has developed a demand which placed companies such as us in a position where we had to provide a range of standard products which mostly include thermometers and plastic objects. Visit our link to see the four basic types of product which we offer.

bath thermometer

Several types of bath thermometers

UV Safe: this card has a UV meter which changes colour when exposed to sun light. It references the type of sun cream you should be using to protect your skin, according to lights intensity.
This product is a perfect promotional product for sun cream vendors as it warns about the need to protect from the sun to prevent irreversible skin damage. It is also an attractive and useful item to give out as part of Hotel promotions ...

UV Safe

UV Safe

COOK-IT STICK: cooking detection device which determines when food in an oven or a barbacue is ready. This meter is placed in the center of the food during 10 seconds as many times as it is required. It warns the cook by changing from black to RED when the food is ready.
Perfect for promotions dealing with nutrition, ovens and barbacues ...

cook it

Cook-It Stick

Minimum quantities: most of our products are available from 250 units, with a single colour logo included in their price.

Supply: between 5 and 7 weeks depending on the requirements.

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