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CHILLCHECKER Temperature control during shipment

Auto-adhesive Thermomether which detects adverse temperatures during the transportation of perishable products by means of a clear change in colour (white to intense blue/purple). When the temperature of its rating has been reached and kept during a few minutes, the Chillchecker alerts the user on the existance of a critical temperature during the transportation.
Easy to use: It has to be cooled down before its usage and then it is stuck on the package to be monitored, when it is required to act, it is activated by pressing the center of the strip. There are 8 types of chillchecker which cover temperature ranges from -17ºC a +20ºC. The main purpose it has is to asure stores that the products they are going to purchase will be transported and received in perfect conditions, and guarantee that the customers will be buying products in a perfect condition.

chillchecker package transport

Chillchecker on package

Ref. Avaliable Tª
Type 1 -17ºC
Type 2 -8ºC
Type 3 -5ºC
Type 4 -2ºC
Type 5 +5ºC
Type 6 +9ºC
Type 7 +17ºC
Type 8 +20ºC
chillchecker transport thermometer

Supply: 100 unit pack.
Delivery: 4-5 weeks

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