Calendar Liquid Crystal Thermometer

Mostly used with a promotional purpose in products such as: Calendars, Mouse Pads, Didactic material...

We supply several standard products for these purposes:

TLC 13 Lvl.Horizontal Range (2) 12ºC-24ºC

TLC 7 Lvl.Vertical

TLC 8 Lvl.Vertical

TLC Room (14-34ºC)

TLC 16 Lvl.Range (2) 14ºC-31ºC

7 Lvl.(9-27ºC)
Type: Horizontal/Vertical
Size: 10x70mm

11 Lvl.(12-32ºC)
Type: Horizontal/Vertical
Size: 77x8mm


Based on Liquid crystal technology and if precise using thermally sensitive inks , we can produce many types of thermometers. An example of thermometers which use thermally sensitive ink is Tempsafe.