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Irreversible Strips

Irreversible Strips

We can produce custom irreversible strips for quantities of at least 5000 units. We work with a range of 49 temperatures, from 29ºC to 290ºC which can be combined as desired (see Available standard temperatures) The strip can be of desired shape and size, as it can have a desired background colour.

Reversible or liquid crystal strips

This product works with a wide range of temperatures, from -30ºC to +90ºC. Any desired temperatures can be combined and the thermometer's scale can be from 1ºC to 20ºC.

As well as in irreversible strips the minimum custom supply must be of 5000 units.

To provide exact prices we need the following information:

  • Temperature range.
  • Nº. of events (ammount of Temperature points for detection)
  • Scale: from 1 to 20 degrees.
  • Scale type: usually ºC, but can also work ºF, or even both.
  • Size of strip (in mm)
  • Shape of strip
  • Messages or logos to be printed on the strip, visualisation:
    1. Messages can always be read (ink is not thermally sensitive).
    2. Messages can be part of the thermal event.
  • Material (if the thermometer must be integrated to something which is not auto-adhesive paper)

Supply: (nº of weeks after the "artwork" is approved by our customer. usually not less than 6 weeks.)