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STEINEL's Guide Units

Steinel products

We have at our disposal steel sliding guide Guide bushes bronze plated or with solid lubricant. Ball cages made of aluminium, brass or plastic, roller cages. We also offer Guide Pillars of lengths and diameters according to DIN 9825 / ISO 9182.

Mini Series are sets of guide units of reduced size and high precision. these sets are composed by a guide pillar, guide bushing and a ball cage. Being able to act as guides in machines and technical equipment, where precision is specially relevant. Size range: 3mm diameters, and 30mm lengths or greater.

Steinel's precision guide units have many uses. Guide units can be also used to create tools, machinery, measuring devices and vehicles. These guide units are remarkable because they are wear and abrasion resistant.

We also have available Die sets made of steel and aluminium, Die sets made of special grey cast iron and cutting units as well as other accessories (Carrying units, Magnets...)