Thermometers and temperature indicators

The self-adhesive thermometers Thermax allow an effective and precise control of the temperature, as they are directly applied on the product to control. They act like sensors detecting the real temperature of the product by means of a change of colour.

The fact of being of easy use and low cost, turns them a perfect solution for the control of quality in thermal processes. Our technology is used at a world-wide level by a number of companies in different professional fields.

The technology of our products is based on the colour change in function of the variation of temperature and covers a range with solutions from -30 ºC to 1,270 ºC. We have two types of thermometers / indicators:

Irreversible Thermometers:  Once arrived at the temperature and the colour changes, this remains unalterable, allowing us to verify the maximum temperature reached upon. This is highly used for uncontrolled processes. For certain temperatures (low), we have a device to control minimum temperatures. Check our indicator in our link Tempasure.

Reversible thermometers: Also known as liquid crystal thermometers (LCD). This indicates the temperature of the product to control, and varies along with it. It indicates the temperature of the product in an intense green colour with a black background. Very useful for knowing the room temperature ( ex. Office, rooms ), and even freezing temperatures such as freezers or fridges, or extremely hot temperatures such as conduction tubes or heating generators. The colour change is based on the surroundings, so as to say they behave as a normal temperature indicator.

Due to the attraction and originality, this type of indicator can be used as an attraction in advertising campaigns. If you need more information on this utility, please visit our section based on Promotional Products where, in addition to diverse models of temperature indicators, you can see other articles which change of colour according to temperature differences.

Other than our offer on standard temperature ranges, our experience with LCD allows us to manufacture different products to solve each clients' necessities (minimum quantity 5.000 units). For a larger catalogue please visit Custom Thermometers.

Surisa completes the range of products with thermo sensible pencils and thermo chromic inks. Press here to follow the links for further information.

Irreversible Thermometers LCD Thermometers. Promotional products Promotional Products Crayons   Thermal paints   Inks
Irreversible Thermometers LCD Thermometers. Promotional products Promotional Products Crayons