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Installation Recommendations for Disc Spring Stacks

Installation Orientation

Disc orientation when assembling, is important to guarantee a correct functioning of the stack and its long life. Basically the disc which is in contact with the edge has to be held by its outer edge. This reduces contact pressure, as the same force is acting over a bigger surface. That reduces the possibility of contact areas cracking. If the number of discs used is not even, the disc which will be held by its outer edge is the one on the side where the force is occuring.

Montaje muelles de disco

Guide hardening and leaning

Other factors to take into account are that the guide axis must be polished and hardened (if possible achieveing a minimum hardness of 48 HRc). Hardnesses asigned to surfaces where the springs will lean, must always be greater than the harnesses of the springs (43-44 HRc).

Clearence between guides

This value (differentiates between the interior diameter and the guide axis), its established using experience. Respecting this value outcomes in a correct spring guidance producing an ideal contact between the springs in the stack. Furthermore its is also helping histeresis of the spring package aswell as preventing the buckling effect of the whole set. This is important to determine stack life span.

Buckling Effect

Another factor which influences directly the vertical stablility of the stack, aswell as the previously mentioned guidance, is when the stack has a long length. The total height of the stack can't be greater than three times the exterior diameter of the springs. If that length should be surpassed, flat washers should be placed. This is done to prevent the buckling effect.


Another important feature is the lubrication of the springs. It has a direct influence over the wear of the set. In spite of some springs having already a surface treatment using zinc phosphate to protect them from corrosion and as a form of lubrication, it is still recommended to apply lubricating grease for a better functioning of the material.

No dude en consultar con nuestros técnicos, para una mejor adecuación de estas recomendaciones en su caso concreto.

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