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Ball bearing disc springs slotted and plain


diagrama plain slotted

This two types of disc spring are designed to be set up allong with the ball bearings to act as an elastic support which allows it to absorb vibrations and to compensate thermal dilatations produced by the heating/cooling of the axis where the ball bearing is set up. Which results on a longer life and on a reduction of the noise produced.


table plain spring

This ball bearing disc spring results in the following graph:


The spring has a high stroke and a low force, which can successfully protect a ball bearing.


table slotted spring

This discs are an improvement over the plain disc. The slots contribute in making a much more interesting Force-Stroke diagram. As you can see the spring reaches a point where with a constant force, there is a stroke. Due to its properties this spring protects the ball bearing preventing consecuences from a thermal dilatation.

Arandelas para rodamientos

Slotted discs are less rigid and taller. It must also be mentioned that slotted disc springs can be stacked in parallel to obtain a given desired force.

Ball bearing disc springs are manufactured from high quality spring steel; they can also be made to order in other materials e.g. corrosion resistant or non-magnetic steel, spring bronze Cu Sn 8, copper beryllium alloy Cu Be 2, Nimonic 90 and others.

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