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DIN 2093 Standards

DIN 2093 sets a minimum quality standards for the different manufacturing processes of disc springs for example:

Tolerances according to size and results. Tolerances between components which contribute to create a set of disc springs. Materials. Anticorrosive protections.

DIN 2093 standards, classifies disc springs according to:

Thickness (t) of the spring:

Group 1: t < 1.25 mm
Group 2: 1.25 mm < t < 6 mm
Group 3 : 6 mm < t < 14 mm

Spring's relative force:

Each standard size has three series, A, B and C, according to thickness (t) of the disc spring related to its exerior diameter (De):

Serie A : De/t @ 18; High force; Force/Stroke diagram almost lineal.
Serie B : De/t @ 28; Medium force; Force/Stroke diagram slightly curved.
Serie C : De/t @ 40; Low force; Force/Stroke diagram curved

disc spring

Due to the wide usage of disc springs nowadays there are some springs that even not belonging to this series are still considered standard.

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