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TMC Clearline Thermal Indicating paints provide a simple method of measuring temperature with a single paint pack.  Providing a non reversible, accurate method of measuring temperature throughout the range of 104°C/219°F to 1270°C/2318°F.


  • No primer necessary for most surfaces
  • Fast reaction time
  • Superior performance in normal and hostile environments
  • Ideal for producing thermal surveys
  • A strong and clear colour contrast
  • Resistant to oil, steam and water
  • Requires no additives

43 standard change points available for temperatures 104°C/219°F to 1270°C/2318°F


Specification: Ref. SC paint;
Accuracy: +/- 5%.

Range: 135°C/275°F to 630°C/1166°F

Note: Single change paints are also available at 48oC and 80oC. However, they are Quasi-reversible.  They revert back to their original colour when water is applied.


Single Change Thermal Paints are now colour fast in direct sunlight, resistant to chemical abuse and provide a clearline colour change, proving to be an extremely useful aid to the industrial, chemical and petrochemical markets.

An ideal tool for monitoring lined vessel plant, detecting rise in surface temperature where the refractory linings have broken down, acting as an invaluable tool for this type of industry.

Supplied in 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre & 2.5 litres.


Multi Change Thermal Paints withstand hostile environments and prove a valuable asset, particularly when used in conjunction with gas turbines and jet engines. Being the only paint of its type known to retain its surface adhesion at these temperatures thus offering a high degree of protection from erosion. Used extensively in rocketry and high speed flight technology, these paints prove to be an invaluable tool in thermal measurement.

Supplied in 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre & 2.5 litres.


Specification: Ref MC paint;
Accuracy: +/- 5%

Range: 104°C/219°F to 1270°C/2318°F



It's ideal to carry out tests at the motor components during competition


  • 3 x 15ml Jars of assorted paints
  • 1 x 15ml jar of solvent
  • 3 x brush for application

Technical information

Some paints are available in a Polyurethane type finish.

All Thermal Paints are time/temperature dependent and in being so, such paints have a trigger temperature below their specified rating.

A 235°C/455°F Thermal Indicating paint after 1 hour would require only a sustained temperature of 218°C/424°F to change its colour, however, a temperature of 180°C/356°F will not cause a colour change of the paint, therefore such a paint could be recommended for work on projects which do not exceed the normal running conditions of 180°C/356°F. Being a general guide only, specific details should always be requested. To obtain further advice we will need the following information:

  • (a) The type of surface to be painted, i.e. metal, stone, etc.
  • (b) Required trigger temperature
  • (c) The surface temperature under normal conditions
  • (d) The ambient temperature

CAUTION: It is, when testing, advisable to apply two coats of thermal paint. No undercoat is necessary when used for test purposes. When calculating requirements allow 1 litre per 6 sq. metres.

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