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Disc springs Din 2093

Belleville washers Din 6796

Disc springs Din 2093

Disc springs are conically shaped annular discs which, offer an elastic axial force proportional to the deformation they undergo. As they can be piled up, they allow us to design springs according to our needs. Highly precise pieces in respect to the theoretical values, their design allows them to bear a high number of cycles and due to their build they can return great forces in reduced spaces. The disc springs are built according to Din 2093 standards.

Muelles de platillo DIN 2093

Belleville fasteners Din 6796

Belleville fasteners Din 6796 also known as belleville washers, are useful to counteract the assembly working loose produced when the components of a bolted joint give rise to a loss of joint preload. Because of the belleville washer the components remain fixed even with vibrations or other relaxation consequences which can affect it with time. Belleville fasteners look quite similar to disc springs, but in reality they are completely different things because the fasterners are not prepared for dynamic work. Belleville fasteners are built according to Din 6796 standards.

arandelas belleville DIN 6796

Ball bearing disc springs

Our product range is complemented with ball bearing disc springs. Their function is to absorb the vibrations (decrease noise) from the ball bearing, as well as to compensate thermal dilatations of the whole set while its working without experimenting changes on its axial load. There are two types of disc: slotted and plain.

Arandelas para rodamientos

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