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Promotional Thermometers

This thermometers are an excellent promotional product. Easy to read, wide space to print company logo - or any other message. Precise, useful, unbreakable. They are objects which last long which makes them efficient in their purpose.

Aswell as these we have our liquid crystal strips available on different sizes and temperature ranges, which can be applied to other promotional objects, such as calendars, fridges, mousse pads.... All these object measure temperature as they carry out the purpose they were designed for.

Room temperature to place anywhere!

room temperature

Fever thermometers ideal for medical, pharmaceutical promotions...

fever thermometer

Bath thermometers

bath thermometers

Fridge and freezer thermometers which monitor the temperature inside.

fridge thermometer

THERMOSENSITIVE STRIPS USED IN CALENDARS: We have several default calendar thermometers, ideal to combine with calendars due to their size and temperature range. But also can be combined with any other object which is desired.

caledar thermometer

TLC 7 Level Thermometer (9-27ºC)
Size: 10x70mm

fridge thermometer

FRIDGE AND FREEZER THERMOMETERS: These thermometers allow you to ensure the correct functioning of your fridge or freezer checking that the temperature set up is really the temperature output.

Fridge thermometer
Widened range to -2ºC / +12ºC
Applying standard requirements

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