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Guide bushes

We have seven types of Guide bushes: steel sliding guide bronze plated, ball guide aluminium, brass and plastic, roller guide, sliding guide with solid lubricant and sliding guide with solid lubricant bands.

Exchange bushes

Due to the standarised outside diameter, all guide bushings are interchangeable. A die set with a sliding guide can be changed to using a ball or roller guide without any additional work, simply by exchanging the guide bushings. For each bore, you can use:
Two different inside diameters, for example 30/32, Seven different types of guidance, for example: Three sliding and four ball guide types. Three different bushing types, for example: Shoulder, flange or smooth bushings. Three different bushing lengths (for inside diameters from 19 to 80)
Therefore, it is possible to use 128 different guide bushings for each bore.

Steel sliding guide bronze plated

The hardened steel sleve absorbs strong lateral forces and prevents the guide bushing from deforming when its being compressed strongly across its edges. The galvanized bronze plating is very hard, wear-resistant and honed to highest surface finish quality. In addition to its excellent long running wear factor it also has very good heat dissipation characteristics that ensure the rapid dispersement of excessive frictional heat.

All Steinel precision sliding guides "steel bronze plated are suplied with an internal lubrication system, where the parallel lubrication rills across the grooves are connected with axial channels. As a result, an equal distance to all lubrication points is ensured. At the same time, the internal lubrication system guarantees a shielding effect against dirt.

sliding guide bronze plated

The recommended Sliding speed is 15 - 30 m/min. Under ideal conditions of lubrication, guide clearance, stroke length, radial load and heat dissipation, very high stroke speeds of 600 - 800 strokes/min can be achieved.

Sliding guide with solid lubricant

Our guide bushings without lubrication and without maintainance are complex sliding units, highly resistant to wear and very precise. When sliding the solid lubricant produces a continuous film, strongly attached to the guide units. This film remains on the sliding surface even when stopping or starting.

guide bushing solid lubricant

Sliding guide with solid lubricant bands

As our previous product without lubrication and therefore without maintainance these guide bushings are complex sliding units, highly resistant to wear and very precise. When sliding the solid lubricant bands produce a continuous film, strongly attached to the guide units. This bushes stroke velocity is of 30 m/min.

Sliding guide with solid lubricant bands

Ball Guides

Steinel ball guides due to a microfinished contact surface and uniformly selected precision steel balls have an extreme precision. ball guides have a long life span due to the free wheeling mounting and helical positioning of the balls, so that each ball has its own track. The exact size of the balls and the fact that they are previously fixed we obtain full contact in the guide giving an optimum precision. Although fixing balls with too much pressure would overload the guide. Thats why fixing has to be carried out to 4 to 14 µm depending on the guides diameter. Strokes allowed on these guides 30-40 m/min or even higher.

bushing with ball cage

Other features of ball cages include a device to asure the guide is fixed to the pillar, stroke control devices, and the low maintainance required, only an adequate lubrication.

There are various ball cages to fulfill our customers needs:

aluminium ball cage Aluminium ball cages: Ball cage made of aluminium balls of steel, hardened, grade 1, sorted. Their weight is below many others. The guide is fixed to remain in position, weight reduction and same stability, translates to smaller mass forces, therefore these have longer life spans. They can withstand temperatures of 80ºC. They can have a security ring according to Din 471.

Brass ball cage Brass ball cage: Ball cage made of brass, balls of steel, hardened, grade 1, sorted. They have a high mechanical strength, best antifriction properties as well as high abrasive resistance and stability. Due to their optimum heat resistance they are suited for temperatures over 80ºC. They have a better grip due to the highest ammount of balls.

Plastic ball cage Plastic ball cage: Made of Hostaform C plastic, balls of steel, hardened, grade 1, sorted. Heat resistant up to 90ºC. They have a smaller mass. This makes them perfect when high velocities are required. They are also good to work in aggressive environments.

Roller cage

Roller cages can be used in all kinds of longitudinal movement but they cant rotate over themselves. Specially useful when the guide is transversal.

Roller cage A roller can stand loads 8 times higher than a ball with its same size. The rollers positioning prevents critical deformations, which improves their performance.

Stroke velocity can get up to 40 m/min and even higher.

The roller cage is made of aluminium, profile rollers of steel ,hardened, grade 1, sorted. The profile rollers in the cage holes are free-wheeling wedged. Thus a protection against torsion is guaranteed. The rollers are helically arranged in the axial direction, so that each roller has its own race.

Must be previously fixed to 2-4 µm.

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