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System and Helical Springs

·We have a wide range of standard springs to cover our customers needs. Helical springs with different force levels. System springs with different force levels. We can also produce springs with special sizes on a wide range of materials to cover all posible needs.

Helical Springs

Spring wire grade C Din 17223. Available with different standard diameters and lengths. It is also possible to supply springs with lengths of 500 mm which can after be cut to the required size. Standard springs have flattned edges, prepared to be used. When it comes to the 500 mm springs, they are yet to be smoothed due to their purpose which is: Being cut by the user.

helical spring

System Springs

System springs, they have rectangle cross sections. Produced according to ISO 10243 which defines its diameter, length and strength. This standard defines four series of springs, which when of same size they are interchangeable offering different forces. These four series are each one colour for an easy identification of the type of spring.

Inside the family of rectangle cross section springs there is a fifth serie which is superstrong, which with equivalent sizes to the other four series it offers a force up to four times the one of their strongest serie.

Also there is another type of system spring which follows the same rules as the previous, but this type has an oval cross section which keeping the same sizes it offers alternative forces and strokes.

system spring

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